Imperial Heating & Cooling Inc. is a full service company having started in business in May I987 and is located in a modern 19,000 square foot building in Solon, Ohio- This facility is fully staffed with office and support personnel to implement and support all of our programs.

Our facility includes a metal fabrication plant that is fully equipped and staffed. Our state-of-the-art Plasma Cutting System gives us the capability to fabricate all of our sheet metal requirments in house with total control over manufacturing processes, quality and scheduling, with less downtime and schedule slippage and subsequent lower costs for our customers.

Each facility has its own warehouse that is fully stocked and maintained with an adequate inventory to support virtually all service requirements. In addition, all our Service Technicians maintain a comprehensive truck stock of common items.

Imperial maintains a full time dedicated service organization which operates out of the Solon headquarters. The Service Department is headed by a Service Manager who manages the Service Technicians. Our technicians are highly trained skilled professionals with experience ranging from six to over twenty-five years. Each technician has his own fully equipped service vehicle, a "beeper" and two-way hand held radio. A full time Service Dispatcher and Coordinator can and usually responds to emergencies within the hour. In addition, Imperial has a professionally manned answering service and our technicians are on call and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays.

Imperial has an in-house engineering department which actively engages in design/build projects. We work jointly with major equipment suppliers to furnish the most efficient systems at the lowest cost.

Special Qualifications

  1. Imperial is a certified Freon Disposition Agency.
  2. Imperial is a certified contractor for the Trane Varitrac™ Environmental Control System and Carrier VVT Systems.

Management Information Services
Imperial has incorporated a fully computerized accounting, Service Management and Dispatch system. Customer information data banks are established which enable us to service our customers at the time of the first call, leaving no need for call-backs.


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